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2018 04 29

There has been no reporting in the  newspapers on the case for several weeks. Former UK ambassador Craig Murray suspects the government has issued a D-notice to the press. It would mean that they are adviced not to report on the issue.

Craig Murray is a mole

However, Murray is not a fully reliable source.

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Anti-Russian activities and media coverage

Several anti Russian activities have been carried out. Often based on no or very weak evidence. (“highly likely Russia”) Western powers are quick to blame Russia. The Rodchenkov affair (McLaren report) was  not based on any evidence. In the Skripal affair UK blamed Russia before any evidence could be presented. It still (2018 03 24) seems possible that many countries can manufacture the alleged poison Novichok A234. The OPCW report can not tie Russia to the manufacturing of the poison. Putin is constantly vilified in Western media.

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Flera öststater har en normal nationalistisk framtoning. Ett brev från Polens ambassadör till DN visar den indignation svenska medias grundlösa kritik skapar.

Ungerns premiärminister protesterar mot George Soros engagemang i att skapa flyktingströmmar genom Europa.

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05. Methods: 5.006 Tidsaspekter på nyhetsförmedling, initiala tvivel, erased material, news slant, fake news, “will occur”

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5 Metoder: 5.6 Tidsaspekter på nyhetsförmedling

Tidsaspekter på nyhetsförmedling

Grundläggande är att information ofta blåses upp och förvrängs i det skede den fokuseras i media. När senare informationen korrigeras har den fallit ur medias fokus. Media hoppas att någotav den initiala, förvrängda informationen fastnar i allmänhetens medvetande.

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