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Linux, Ubuntu

Datasystemet Linux är en gratis, välfungerande konkurrent till Windows från Microsoft.

One variant (“distro”, “dist”) of Linux is Ubuntu. It was founded by highly wealthy entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth from S. Africa by hiring about 10 programmers from the distro Debian. Those programmers were working without salary at that time. Ubuntu is controlled by Shuttleworth through the private company Canonical which, as a private company, does not have to disclose its finances.

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Mueller investigation in Sweden
Double play in business
Center party

The following businesses may be example of globalist double play. The businesses counteract their own purpose to support multi national enterprises.

Ubuntu intentionally runs poorly to support Microsoft

Tesla itentionally does poorly to support combustible engine car manufacturers

Google initially acquired large funds and could dominate the market but gives very limited search results on any political issue. What you mostly see are globalist news papers like The New York Times, The Washington Posr, The Guardian and similar.

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