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Polisen, droger

I juli 2016 mördades den pensionerade svenske hundpolisen Lars Donald Qvarfordt i Cha Am i Thailand.

Mordet uppvisade flera anmärkningsvärda detaljer. Det officiella motivet till mordet, att han “förolämpat sin granne”, räcker inte. Den mördade innehade och använde själv skjutvapen och försökte försvara sig. Bilden i Bangkok post på den avslappade mördaren och leende poliserna är inte normal.

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Scientology connects the attack on narcotics and journalists with extremely weird ideas of “space opera”, cult like organization snd ery expensive training.

They quite simply wish us to believe that anyone attacking narcotics and journalists is completely out of his mind.

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20.06 02 (01) False flag operations, awards

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Dagens Nyheter (DN)
Nothing beats the Swedish globalist flagship newspaper. You can read it for 20 years and still believe it is pro Palestinian.


Skripal attack (Salisbury, UK)
Russians attacking civilians in England with the world’s most poisonous nerve gas and 3/4 survived. One attack during Russian presidential elections, one during the World Cup in Russia.

Wikileaks, Julian Assange not genuine

Ola Bini

IS execution videos
Jihad John scolds Obama in London accent and pulls the knife 5-6 times over the throat of the “executed” w/ out one drop if blood emerging. The sister of one “victim” is interviewed on US television. – She is an actress that has played the roles of other persons related to news events. (F.ex a classmate of the perpetrator of the Sandy Hook massacre.)

The videos are produced with advanced green screen production that IS never could have access to. In one video the IS soldiers all are 2.10 m tall, to look intimidating. With advanced technology they seem to walk beside their much shorter prisoners. Even technicians at Fox news verified this.

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