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The New World Order

Part 050

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EU crisis summary

Exaggerated crisis as a motive for taxation and power of control

Bill Gates has become the biggest land owner in the US.

EU spends 30% of its budget on a narrow sector like agriculture in a program of poor reputation (CAP). Even most EU-supporters criticize it strongly. Much goes to big land owners that just keep land without cultivating it.

Gates invested in pharma and the response to Covid became far worse than Covid. Now Gates has become a farmer, when will the farming crisis come?

Food shortage?

EU m.o. is crisis: refugee crisis, euro crisis, Covid crisis, post Covid financial crisis, Brexit crisis, climate crisis, 2020 budget crisis (“rule of law”) …

2021 transport crisis

When will the next crisis come, and in which field?

Is starvation the next big crisis?


Reasons to exaggerate crises:

1. Gain control by financial influence

2019: EU discusses €1 bn climate fund

2020: EU forgets all about this and about Greta Thunberg. Exaggerates influenza and discusses €750 bn for “Corona recovery”. EU already “secretly” by finance minister video conference) approved €540 billion in April.This financial stimulus will increase CO2 which was considered the worlds major crisis, last year. EU climate law sets target 30 years ahead (2050) whereas the crisis is supposed to culminate in 10. In 10 years EU climate law will only give commission the right to criticize countries but nothing more. EU also spends €30 bn (1/5 of the budget) on fossil fuel infrastructure (2019).

1. … cont’d


€ 540 + 750 bn for Corona restart

Italy threatened to leave the EU, i.e. the euro currency. EU budget +800%.

Mid July: Italy is given €170 bn, Spain €130 bn, Sweden 5 bn.

2. News media has something to slant

3. A constant flow of orders

4. Weaken government by criticism of inadequate handling

5. Put reader in susceptible state


Suez kanalen blockerad, 12% av världens handel står stilla!

Redfork: 75218525

Ett av världen största container fartyg “Ever Given” har gått på grund och blockerar hela Suez kanalen


wwr: 76976160

Ever Given vs Suez Canal, rematch

Bara att börja hamstra bensin.


passivity, inactivity, in the face of problems and crises

In the face of problems and crises authorities do nothing to promote further crisis.


Energy crisis: EU and government do nothing.


environment, The Green Sting: regulation and energy starvation

The Green Sting(/Scam). In Europe green projects are more often run by the EU than the national governments and if you support green projects you are automatically forced to support EU/globalization.


Environmental problems presented by politicians are virtually all part of a green sting constructed to take tax payers money. Real environmental problems, like the hole in the ozone layer are efficiently dealt with by national gobernments in cooperation. But the climate issue is a constructed problem and never dealt with forcefully. The general public is supposed to deal with it by flying less! By never solving the problems or setting up concrete plans, EU can keep asking for money citing vaguely defined goals. This also creates division in the population.

The NWO and its tool the EU will just give money to big corporations for vague goals like “battery research” ($3 bn 2021), money that partly will go straight into the pockets of one of the world’s richest men, Musk, receiving high bonuses, whereas a cheap Chinese EV like the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV will have double the price in Europe. The money is borrowed from taxpayers to put countries in deeper debt and dependence on high finance.

Naturally the EU should finance adapting the small EV to European standards and let corporations compete in battery production. But the multinationals control the EU commission and just make them take tax payers money. Competition is gone out of the system.

Therefore politicians prioritize vague “battery research” over putting cheap EV:s on the streets and supplying widespread, cheap charging for people willing to take the inconvenience of driving EV:s (shorter range, fewer charging stations etc).

Tesla is given a very high profile in media. This is because the cars are expensive (only slowly getting cheaper), focus on extreme power capacity, of poor quality and over computerized. They teach us that EV:s are not for everyone.

Politicians talk about EV:s but in fact hold them back.

EU motivates money collection by claiming environmental projects are of such global nature that individual nations can not carry them out on their own. EU also takes the right to impose regulations to aquire power.

Another part of the Green Sting is energy starvation. Both nuclear and fossile are disallowed, leaving only unreliable wind turbines, not working on cold (no wind) days.

wwr: 79780749


Ursprungligen postat av iptrix

Starlink förbjuds i Frankrike, nåt om att radiofrekvenserna inte gillas av gröna politiker?

Beslutet kom tydligen samma dag franska Arianespace meddelar att man tecknat avtal med Amazon kring deras internettjänst.

Nån måste veta lite mer om det här, för här verkar några kennlar vara begravda?


Elon Musk

Jag misstänker ju att Starlink kan vara bluff och inte fungerar. Då skulle miljöregleringar kunna användas som bortförklaring. Ungefär som Starships och Giga Berlins förseningar förklarats med miljöregleringar.

De är kraftfulla de där gröna politikerna. Nu har de stoppat Starlink i Frankrike och skapat energikris i Sverige! Våra höga elräkningar är t.ex. Bolunds fel

Kan foliehatt hjälpa mot strålningen?


EU systematic energy starvation of European countries to make them weak in order to control them.

dirt, filth

Being dirty is a logical consequence of energy depletion, not having hot water for washing.


The activists oppose nuclear and fossil energy. To be dirty is a logical consequence of energy depletion due to lack of hot water. Pandemic had same effect —

See Greta

population explosion, overpopulation

High birth rates in developing countries are neglected in order to worsen crises and strengthen the refugees/weapons of mass migration.


wwr: 80384991

Tidigare varnade Musk för under-befolkning och talade om låga födseltal i Japan. Nu fortsätter han med Sydkorea, Hong Kong och Italien.

Elon Musk Sounds an Alarm on Italy, Hong Kong, South Korea


Men där ligger inte jordens problem. Överbefolkningen är bland de största problem som vi kommer att stå inför inom en inte alltför avlägsen framtid. Men överbefolkningen gynnar den globala elitens mål.

Klimatkris, livsmedelskris, flyktingkris; allt kommer att förvärras av överbefolkningen. Men Musk och den globala eliten kan bara styra om befolkningarna kastas i kris och konflikt om resurserna. Kort sagt: Ingen kommer att bry sig om att Musk hatar fackföreningar. Våra barn kommer att slåss om att få jobba på Tesla för en spottstyver medan VD glider runt och får massage i sin businessjet.

Ha en trevlig Kristi Himmelsfärdshelg 😉


wwr: 80384991

Tidigare varnade Musk för under-befolkning och talade om låga födseltal i Japan. Nu fortsätter han med Sydkorea, Hong Kong och Italien.

Elon Musk Sounds an Alarm on Italy, Hong Kong, South Korea


Men där ligger inte jordens problem. Överbefolkningen är bland de största problem som vi kommer att stå inför inom en inte alltför avlägsen framtid. Men överbefolkningen gynnar den globala elitens mål.

Klimatkris, livsmedelskris, flyktingkris; allt kommer att förvärras av överbefolkningen. Men Musk och den globala eliten kan bara styra om befolkningarna kastas i kris och konflikt om resurserna. Kort sagt: Ingen kommer att bry sig om att Musk hatar fackföreningar. Våra barn kommer att slåss om att få jobba på Tesla för en spottstyver medan VD glider runt och får massage i sin businessjet.

Ha en trevlig Kristi Himmelsfärdshelg 😉


overpopulation, lack of resources, poverty, starvation to increase competition and conflict

2022: inflation and energy crisis are used to create poverty to increases competition and conflict to increase dependence on authorities (cp the novel series Hunger Games)



We could possibly be subjected to starvation to increase conflict.


Is starvation the next big crisis?


Fake crisis: Much worry and little (no) action.

The climate “crisis” is constructed as an excuse to collect money by global institutions like the EU. Therefore, what we read about measures taken are mostly plans and setting goals. No real action is taken.

Since the 1970’s we have been told that a climate disaster will occur in 10 years. – An obvious fake. This fake has replaced those of Christianity and communism as global mantras.

But to embrace the possibilities of tomorrow, we must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse. They are the heirs of yesterday’s foolish fortune-tellers — and I have them and you have them, and we all have them, and they want to see us do badly, but we don’t let that happen.

Donald Trump

1. Put pressure on politicians

Greta never tells people or enterprise what to do.

2. Split up population, connect to young girls, HBTQ, revolution

Erlich, Stanford

News media has gone into climate frenzy. They claim Mars climate changed from humid to desert.

The temporary breakdown of Earth’s magnetic field 42,000 years ago sparked major climate shifts that led to global environmental change and mass extinctions, a new international study co-led by UNSW Sydney and the South Australian Museum shows.



“USA sänker CO2-produktionen 50% till 2030”

Ursprungligen postat av Snapcount

Ja du.., inte begriper jag heller hur man skall få till en 50 % minskning på mindre än 9 år !

Det skulle betyda mer “häst och kärra” för USA, och många jobb förlorade..

wwr: 75572887

Självklart går det inte. Det handlar om att skapa hype så att EU kan ta in mer pengar. Det är så USA/globala nätverk försöker kontrollera europeiska länder. (Sedan fungerar det säkert på liknande sätt i andra delar av världen)

Löfven blev inte ens inbjuden. Sverige representeras av EU-presidenten v.d. Leyen. Sverige får inte göra några klimatsatsningar. Alla pengar skall gå till EU. Greta vägrar tala med svenska politiker.

Skulle det hända något så kommer alla amerikanska pengar att stanna inom landet. Men de svenska pengarna hamnar i EU.

Det är en uppenbar bluff för att kontrollera europeiska länder. Förra året höjde de koldioxidutsläppen med Coronapaketen. Nu skall de nog sänka den!

Skulle det bli för jobbigt sätter de bara in någon som Trump i fyra år som går ur Parisavtalet igen. Sedan skyller de på honom. Jag tror en kinesisk diplomat kallade USA för “barnet som missade skolan” 😀 i fyra år, medan de inte gjorde något åt utsläppen. De har även republikaner i Senaten att skylla på.

wwr: 75585090

Detta förefaller vara fake news.

Sverige har bjudits in till president Joe Bidens klimattoppmöte som hålls i slutet av veckan.

Miljöminister Per Bolund kommer att delta vid ett rundabordssamtal som anordnas av USA:s klimatsändebud John Kerry på fredag,

Mötet är ett toppmöte med Biden, Putin, Xi, Merkel etc. Då måste Löfven representera Sverige. Man kan inte skicka Bolund.

Här står om deltagarna, listan har varit klar länge.

(FB) Globalt klimatmöte anordnas utav Biden !

Det verkar som man i sista stund försökt täcka över att Sverige inte inbjudits genom att låta Bolund prata med Kerry.

Bolund gästspelar på USA:s klimattoppmöte

Sverige har bjudits in som tillfällig gäst till klimatmötet Leaders Summit on Climate på fredag.

Sverige representeras på toppmötet av EU-presidenten v.d. Leyen!

Klimatagendan handlar om att ta inflytande och pengar från enskilda länder och skapa en global diktatur. I Sveriges fall skall besluten flyttas till EU. Därför får inte de svenska politikerna göra klimatsatsningar. Alla pengar skall gå till EU.

Greta talar inte med de svenska politikerna. Hon vägrade ta emot ett pris hon fick av Nordiska Rådet.

De globala nätverken är rädda för de nordiska länderna. De utgjorde framgångsrika samhällen som byggde på fred och samförstånd. Den globala diktaturen bygger på ständiga konflikter mellan länder samt konflikter inom befolkningen (massinvandring, extrem feminism, Internettroll etc). Därför attackeras de nordiska länderna. I detta fall kommer man att försöka ta ifrån dem resurser med klimatet som förevändning.

Ett annat sätt att attackera de nordiska länderna är att attackera de äldre vita män som byggde dem. Därför har man tillsatt Biden. Han är en vit gubbe som är eller spelar senil pedofil. Man planerar förmodligen att ersätta honom med en färgad kvinna (Harris) och då kommer pressen att prisa henne.

Ytterligare ett sätt som Norden attackeras är uppsplittring. Till klimatmötet har man bjudit in Norge och Danmark men inte Sverige eller Finland. Man försöker sära de nordiska länderna.

Här står mer om det:

(FB) Globalt klimatmöte anordnas utav Biden !

Har man ett globalt problem måste man självklart bjuda in samtliga världsledare (195) inte bara 40 av dem. Det går att arrangera med gruppdiskussioner eller liknande. Men nätverken försöker som alltid skapa splittring.

Sverige representeras på toppnivå av EU-presidenten. Det är tyvärr så det ser ut.

Climate “scientists” predict ice age

Leonard Nimoy

The theory has failed with its “10 yr to disaster” since the 70’s. Gore predictions 2008. (water level rise, n polar ice cap)

IPCC already has “change” in its name

space exploration

News media focuses on space related activities. One prominent part is SpaceX/Musk’s plans to colonize Mars. It is extremely difficult and not at all possible the way Musk describes it. Musk says it will save mankind if a disaster occurs. It is all bogus to create stress and create support for that Mars has suffered a climate disaster like the false claims about global warming. Much is about trying to find evidence of earlier life on Mars (that supposedly went extinct). NASA claims to send car to Mars. The car and delivery system are extremely advanced and have never been tested on earth. They claim to fly a helicopter at an altitude on earth corresponding to 45.000 m when the altitude record on earth is 12.400 m.

Even major Main Stream Media question the authenticity of the lunar landings that now (2021) seem very difficult to reproduce even though they were repeated 6 times more than 50 years ago:

One giant … lie? Why so many people still think the moon landings were faked


Video from lunar landings:



The Mars hoax to promote the climate hoax.


Musk wants to colonize Mars which is completely unreasonable with present technology. Much focus on rovers Curiosity and Perseverance. Their landings and technology is much more advanced than that for lunar landings only that seeming very difficult to “reproduce”, but rovers seem to function well. They are probably CGI. News seem agenda driven. When Kamala Harris is hot in news, f.ex an Indian young girl is presented as head of Mars rover panding team.

Rovers mostly seem to look for water and naturally find none. (Water can not exist on Mars due to low air pressure, only ice or steam.) It is claimed that rovers land in “flood delta” etc but scientists are definitely not certain water ever existed on Mars. Vague isotope studies could maybe indicate this. Contacting several planetary scientists world wide regarding Mars rovers scientific finding, the blog author received no response.

Focus is on Mars since it lost its atmosphere 4 bn years ago which made the planet exposed to cosmic radiation. But climate propaganda is falsely trying to “connect” the barren Mars landscape to the global warming myth promoted regarding earth (to form a global green dicatorship). The reason Mars lost atmosohere is completely different from a possible global warming. Mars core hardened.

To increase panic in the population, Musk talks about saving mankind by moving to Mars. Panic grows even worse when his Starships mostly explodes.

Same: Movie Dune.

extraterrestrial life

2021: The search for life on Mars continues with rivers and exaggerated speculations.

If there had been life on Mars it would have supported the climate change theories.

Emphasizing space is meant to give a global perspective.

Also a substitute for religion and God/supreme being. Helps control people.


Liberals exaggerate the possibilities of extraterrestrial life, life on Mars, ET:s, UFO:s etc


Most likely to make the people of the earth feel a common threat. (But at the same time the peoples are being split up by the NWO.)

extraterrestrial life

Elon Musk is presented as a super intelligent immigrant having founded SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal, Hyperloop, Neuralink and other major companies. It is not possible for one person to have done all that.


Musk is a friendly, good looking person, immigrant from S. Africa, chosen as a front for international networks.

Musk and Jeff Bezos are promoted as the world’s richest people. This is done to hide where the real wealth resides. We don’t know who controls it but the people lending money to governments possess the true wealth. Most countries, in particular USA, have a large sovereign debt. Now even the EU has managed to accumulate a common debt, in the eyes of many a breech of the EU treaty. For example the German constitutional court is still hindering Germany from letting the money being paid out.

Lawyers, unions, authorities

Several of Musk’s highly publicized projects are utter failures (FSD, Starlink Internet, Starship explosions, moon program, Tesla car quality, robot Optimus, five fingers, Hyperloop, Mars travel, supercomputer Dojo, Cybertruck, Semi, roadster, battery manufacture, battery 4680, general AI, delays Berlin and Austin, SolarCity, Neuralink, Starlink in Africa …). The cryptocurrencies he has supported fall in value. This must be intentional. Why?

It is probably to make us used to the fact that everything in the global world is failing. Even what super heroes like Musk produces.

Success is outlawed in the global world. We are not allowed to construct anything functional and good since it threatens the global dictatorship. People surrounded by dysfunctional objects, not striving for success will never strive to achieve any improvement that would compete with the global dictatorship.


Much publicity before it starts operating. More than 1000 satellites now deployed since 2019. [April 2021]. The system is still under testing since July 2020! It is not possible to just buy an antenna and start using it, anywhere in the world.

Edit: still same situation March 2022 (2000 satellites deployed), Starlink is shipped to Ukraine that is allegedly under attack from Russia. But there are no receiving stations in Ukraine and laser links are only in the beginning of being launched.

Starlink are probably spy satellites.


Poorly built, over computerized, expensive EV:s are given much publicity, hindering cheap efficient EV:s. Likely promoted by Detroit and Riyad. Tesla makes no practical hybrids.

It s all about dreams and goals that will not come true, in order to promote the green sting of collecting people’s money to the global dictatorship.

Focus is erroneously put on self driving, battery research and peripheral fields instead of cheap efficient EV:s and cheap, accessible charging which would be needed if there was a climate crisis.

Tesla stock probably artificially inflated by large actors. This gives an impression of “green transition” which in fact is a bluff. The “green transition” in Europe is only a way for EU to gather power and money. National governments have probably been ordered not to act in climate issues.

Stock extremely inflated. Company total value highest in the world for auto manufacturers, higher than Toyota, VW. But Tesla only sells around 0.5 million cars yearly, Toyota around 10 million.

News media reports only about what they believe will happen to Tesla in the future.

Tesla “Full Self Driving” is promoted like “level 5” but does not work. Maybe level 2. It does not use lidar like other similar systems. It hampers itself by only using cameras.

8 cameras records video around the car and one camera inside the coupé. Videos sent to California. It is claimed to be used by Artificial Intelligence to improve self driving. But claims are exaggerated. According to Musk self driving robot taxis should have been operable end 2020. But they are not even close to that.

Camera system is most likely another system for mass surveillance, being rolled out.

Constant delays, like with Giga Berlin factory. Unions disallowed. Musk builds factories best in China where people’s demands can be neglected.


Musk’s claims to send manned spacecraft to Mars 2026 seem completely unrealistic. In Mars 2021, most of the 15 Starship test models (SN) have exploded.

Mars media hype is part of the climate agenda. Media claims Mars had rivers and humid climate before the current desert. This is not at all certain. Mars lost its magnetic field 4 bn years ago. After that it is difficult to maintain an atmosphere. What was before is unknown. Some overrepresentation of heavier isotopes in the atmosphere is weak evidence.

But media only shows (possibly fake, see Perseverance) images from Mars desert and talk about “former river delta”. It is a form of psychological warfare against the population, to create stress and panic, trying to make them image earth will go the same way (unless we send all out money to the European Union).

Privatization of the US space program was a disaster. Financer Jurvetson supported Obama who cancelled the space shuttles to open up for Musk. Jurvetson had already saved Musk when Mush was broke in 2008. Even more money was spent to the Russisans while SPaceX reinvented Apollo (w touchscreens). The rocket landings failed, the capsule became too heavy, three astronaut chairs had to be removed. An extra parachute had to be added in a new an untested combination. One parachute has already had problems inflating when crew 2 returned. The astronauts return sitting on one ton of highly explosive, unburnt fuel that would have been used for rocket landings had they been successful.

The whole project is centered around media friendly gimmicks like reuse of boosters and rocket landings.

Parachcutes open low. Russians should have gone with Dragon already but still postpone (dec 2021) will maybe go next autumn. Important launches like James Webb are given to European Ariane 5 since it is more reliable than Falcon Heavy. Raptor engines have problems and must be redesigned or terminated altogether (Dec 2021).

SpaceX used public grants to develop Dragon and now makes money from it by launching billionaires into space. The moon lander pre-prototype SpaceX has mostly exploded during testing and is currently progressing very slowly (Dec 2021). Everyone admits the goal of crewed landing 2024 an not be attained.

Robottaxis floppade. Ingen vet när Cybetrucken kommer attt börja byggas (Dec 2021)

Starlink funkar inte.

Tesla ställer in leveranserna av model S och X.

Privatiseringen av månprogrammet har lett till katastrof med förseningar så stora att ingen vet när det kan genomföras. Raptormotorerna måste byggas om eller skrotas. Starship står på backen.

Elon har nyligen varit i domstol efter SolarCity-härvan.

Giga Berlin kraftigt försenad.

Musk sexual harassment case:


wwr: 80302602

Trollmia: 80302504


Från Business insider:

Hände alltså 2016, för sex år sedan… först nu är det intressant att ta upp!!

I call BS!!


Tydligen del av företagsfilosofin.

Musk encourages employees with free food and an in-house massage therapist.


Oj, oj!

Men inte oväntat att det kommer fler motgångar. Musk är en vit gubbe och måste till slut plockas ned. Det hjälper inte att han är född i Afrika och framställer bilar som går på “grön” energi. Han är en outsider som kopplas lite grand till Trump. (Men i själva verket var det Obama som hjälpte in Musk i raketbranschen genom att lägga ned rymdfärjorna.) BlackRock har sagt att nu kör vi olja så klimatet är nog borta ur bilden, gissar jag.

Tesla Berlin kraftigt försenad. Oklart vad som produceras i Austin och Shanghai (Corona lockdown i Shanghai). Aktien faller och oklart om Musk har råd att köpa sin leksak Twitter. Listan av tveksamma projekt är lång, t.ex.: självkörande bilar, Marsresorna, Starlink, roadstern som skulle flyga, månlandaren, CyberTruck, Semi-lastbilen, 4680-batteriet, roboten, Hyperloop, tunnlarna, Neuralink …

Han har lika många barn som Assange påstås ha.

Det är kort datum på de globala hjältarna, Musk har ändå hållit länge, men nu har agendan om den vite gubbens “downfall” kommit ifatt honom och detta är början på slutet, är min gissning

Påminner lite om när Borg var ute och viftade med sin. Samma agenda. Vita gubbar måste falla. Påminner också om den i media fallne Assange som påstås ha många “barn på bygden” och möten med bl.a Pamela Anderson och lady Gaga samt Sverigehistorien. Musk har åtta barn. Biden tafsar på tjejer.

Dessa “sekretessavtal” (NDA) som ingås när kändisar köper sig fria från skandaler har senare tydligen förbjudits i Kalifornien. Men de verkar ganska värdelösa eftersom den drabbade ofta har någon väninna som istället berättar istället vad den drabbade sagt till henne.

A SpaceX flight attendant said Elon Musk exposed himself and propositioned her for sex, documents show. The company paid $250,000 for her silence.

The flight attendant told her friend that the billionaire SpaceX and Tesla founder asked her to come to his room during a flight in late 2016 “for a full body massage,” the declaration says. When she arrived, the attendant found that Musk “was completely naked except for a sheet covering the lower half of his body.” During the massage, the declaration says, Musk “exposed his genitals” and then “touched her and offered to buy her a horse if she would ‘do more,’ referring to the performance of sex acts.”




wwr: 80304924

Att en person i Musks ställning själv skulle bete sig på det sättet och ta en chans för att “fixa en tjej” verkar helt orimligt. Han hade naturligtvis bett någon anställd att fixa fram en lämplig och säker tjej som inte snackar.

Men sådana verklighetsförankrade detaljer hör inte till dessa dramer i massmedia. Jag tippar att detta blir ytterligare ett sänke i Musks och Teslas utförsbacke.


There is no bad news, editorial advertising, Tesla

Tesla boasts of having no ad budget (but has in China). But Tesla is promoted through its political connections. Editorial material is much more often about Tesla than other brands. It can be environment, Musk hype, minor problems that just raise interest, major problems that either turns out to be false or solved or presented in a positive way etc. Tesla also has an army of Internet trolls, YouTubers, Elon Musk fanboys etc etc. They are probably paid. Some newssites like electrec, teslarati etc promote Teslas and EV:s in general. Political decisions and editorial coverage support Tesla. Sometimes competition even promotes Tesla by teasing them like Renault did by making fun of how much earlier they were with EV trucks. Sometimes accidents with TEslas are highlighted and long investigations ensue, all in all raising interest for Tesla.


control of money is central, not ownership

Musk is presented as “the world’s richest”, but control of society is in the hands of the people that control the money, not that own it. Control is in the hands of firms like BlackRock, Larry Fink, Vanguard and the alike. Their financial asssets are immense and coordinated. Their task is to convert it to political power without people opposing them.


Using the green agenda to convert economic power into political power.


wwr: 81066089

Guldgas: 81065958

Den största skillnaden här är att Musk är största enskilda ägare av aktier i Tesla, medan Carlsson är på fjärde plats i sitt företag. Med VW och Goldman Sash på nästan 50 procent av alla aktier så tror jag att de blir rätt så… sura, om det skulle börja förhalas utanför det acceptabla. “Läs coronaförseningar och inkörningstid”


Musk äger 17% av Tesla. När han snuvade aktieägarna genom att köpa rufföretaget SolarCity av sina kusiner åkte han inför domstol men klarade sig. Problemet är att storföretagen och oligarker som Musk är orörbara.

Jag kan t.o.m. vara tveksam om Northvolt är avsett att bli något alls. Företaget fyller en stor politisk funktion, liksom Tesla, genom att bygga ett grönt luftslott som kan användas för att motivera tex. EU:s utgifter och existens.

Det är så starka ekonomiska krafter idag bakom storföretagen att de i första hand inte räknar på vinst och förlust utan på politiska effekter. Kan storföretagen stärka t.ex. EU och dess gröna agenda tar de av oss kontroll och pengar den vägen istället.

Därför bryr sig inte storföretagen om det förhalas om de kan sprida ett politiskt budskap samtidigt. Förhalningen är snarast vad de strävar efter för att maximera expositionen i massmedia. Det handlar om att konvertera ekonomisk makt i politisk.



Regulus: 80316657

Partipolitik. Vi får väl se vem som vinner den striden. Från Elons Twitter (pun intended) i morse:

Elon Musk @elonmusk

Looking for hardcore streetfighters, not white-shoe lawyers like Perkins or Cooley who thrive on corruption.

There will be blood.



wwr: 80317130

Regulus: 80316657

Partipolitik. Vi får väl se vem som vinner den striden. Från Elons Twitter (pun intended) i morse:

Elon Musk @elonmusk

Looking for hardcore streetfighters, not white-shoe lawyers like Perkins or Cooley who thrive on corruption.

There will be blood.


Musks attityd till advokater är mycket intressant.

I SolarCity-målet läste han lusen av aktieägarnas advokat Randall Baron. Musk sade bl.a:

I think you are a bad human being.

You were mentored by criminals, then continued to be mentored by criminals


Baron kommer från stjärnadvokatbyrån Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd, en av de mest kända som bedriver grupptalan. De tog bl.a tillbaka $7 miljarder från Enron.

Är Musks filosofi så extrem att han går till frontalangrepp mot de större advokatbyråer som ibland försvarar aktieägare och “vanligt folk” mot storföretagen?

Musk attackerar ju redan myndigheter och fackföreningar. Avser den agenda han följer att skapa en total diktatur där storföretagen kontrollerar allt och deras dirrar glider runt och får massage i sina privatjet?! Detta skall bli mycket intressant att följa.

(Det är lite ur minnet. Jag hinner inte ge bra referenser just nu. SolarCity-målet mörklades också. Det var svårt att hitta utskrifter, speciellt som var överskådliga.)


Regulus: 80317488

Musk intervjuades för några dagar sedan på All-In:

Han säger att han varit en “life-long Democrat who probably never voted for a Republican”. Men nu har han ändrat sig då han upplever demokraternas politik som alltmer extrem. Därmed inte sagt att han gillar republikanerna. Han säger i videon att demokraterna styrs av facket och skadeståndsjurister medan republikanerna styrs av “corporate evil” och “religious zealotry”.

Köpet av Twitter beskriver han som “not a right-wing takeover, but a moderate takeover”. 🙂


some notes

technical inventions, inventors, entrepreneurs

Technical inventions, inventors, entrepreneurs and geniuses are demoted since they can help coutries rise from the dysfuntion of globalization. TEchnical inventors are more often men and will be demoted by the feminist agenda.



Elon Musk was promoted as a technical geius but after a few years only encountered problems and his technical products do not work (see Musk).

Håkan Lanz was hailed as a technical innovator in a way similar to Musk. He was attributed to have invented color monitors, the computer mouse and a revolutionizing air traffic separation system. Lanz encountered many problems and never made it big on patents.

Television ridicules fun inventors

John Ericsson LM Ericsson Alfred Nobel( from county Värmland) put Sweden on the world map.

total control (Elon Musk)

Musk’s backers promote an agenda of corporation total control. Musk opposes unions and litigation for damages. He wants this to be handled entirely by the corporation. Employees sign a waiver to never sue the company. One person at SpaceX was racially discriminated. He was employed by third party and had never signed the waiver. He got a “ridiculously” high compensation, probably to make compensations seem poorly handled.

Musk refuses to remove a Tweet where he threatens union organized labor by not giving them stock options. Authorities consider it illegal.

Musk has constant problems with authorities: Berlin environment, Texas bird sanctuary. He left California after problems w authorities.

Musk seemingly opposes lawyers that represent “ordinary people” vs large corporations.

Musk talks about Tesla controlling the entire process of manufacturing, from mine to car, including batteries.


Tesla, Amazon, Ubuntu (Linux)

Tesla, Amazon, Ubuntu are all global corps intended to wipe out small enterprise and local competition.%

Musk’s Tesla is trying to suppress the EV market by constructing expensive, over computerized EV:s and focus on battery research instead of putting cheap EV:s on the street and provide widespread, cheap charging.

Bezos’ Amazon is trying to create a monopoly of international trade to suppress it so that private people can not import easily. This is supported by politicians through allowing postal companies to levy fees haphazardly on international packages.

Shuttleworth’s Ubuntu is trying to suppress Linux by creating a very rigid, dominating system, Ubuntu.

The organizations are built similarly around presumedly super rich persons. Musk and Shuttleworth both originate South Africa. Like Bezos they also have an interest in space. Musk and Bezos are often compared in media.

forgot how to do it!

lunar landings, nuclear power plants


wwr: 78408770

Jomen det vet du väl. Vi klarar inte längre av att åka till månen. Vi har glömt bort hur man gjorde. 2017 beordrarde Trump månlandning 2024 men det kommer aldrig att kunna genomföras. Ingen del av projektet är i närheten av att fungera. (De senaste månlandningarna utfördes 10 år innan Sony Walkman uppfanns, men nu klarar vi inte av det längre, verkar det. Sex månlandningar med tre månbilar, lätt som en plätt. Då alltså.)

Inlägget är ej trams utan ironiserar över patetiska bortförklaringar att ingenjörerna inte längre skulle klara av att göra något, när man egentligen vill dölja andra förklaringar. Nu har vi alltså även glömt hur man bygger kärnkraftverk! Vem kan tro på det?


no competition

Corona lockdown, kills small businesses

Google buys and kills startups


Interview needed to decide if a customer can open a bank account.

Greta is chosen from above, environmentally interested youth is kept down. Greta even helps oil company (Gulbenkian) by putting her name on their donations.

Consumer hot line standardized, from abroad

Tesla, SpaceX free editorial advertisements daily. Tesla would not exist without free ads in articles. Tesla is a typical false flag operation against electrical cars, promoting combustion. The car is very expensive and contains technical overkill.

Fronts: Musk, Zuck, Page & Brin

Easily obtain large capital

3 Jewish and one with a Jewish name after his (maternal) grandpa.

Entrepreneurs are discouraged out of fear of competition.

Ubuntu killed Linux. Shuttleworth also comes from S.A.

Tesla cool image, software, and large capital impedes the development of cheap, useful EV:s.

“An EV must be able to outrace a Porsche”. Musk’s habit of never keeping time frames adds to the feeling of insecurity given to EVs, as does his (intentional) small whims, like occasionally going against the global Covid agenda like saying testing is “bogus”.

A consistent climate policy would prioritize electrifying big city car travel. Well spread cheap charging posts and small, cheap cars. But nothing is done. No real competition for Tesla is allowed. NO start ups, only big brands like VW already in the same network as Tesla.

The staffs superiority to the customer is shown at some ICA supermarket checkout. In the self-scanning customers are met by staff standing on a pidestal, like Indian restarurant owner sitting on a small platform, reading the newpaper.

wwr: 79794217

… Enligt min mening uppehålls Teslas aktiekurs förmodligen artificiellt genom enorma bakomliggande finansiella tillgångar. Detta skadar konkurrensen i samhället. Men det skulle t.o.m. kunna påverka aktiekursen positivt när storfinansen försöker klämma åt företag den inte kontrollerar. Miljön och vi behöver istället små startups och billiga kinesbilar som skulle gynnas i ett icke-socialistiskt samhälle med sund konkurrens.


Too big to fail

control, asset managers; links
asset managers Vanguard, BlackRock, location of control
multi nationals
WEF, World Economic Forum

no competition

cause effect, logic cease to exist

Since all is rigged by “NWO”, cause and effect are now disconnected.

Tesla, Northvolt produces little but have high value.

Russia invades Ukraine but West replies with banning them from the Eurovision Song Contest. Invasion on TV is carried out by a few lorries.


slow and sluggish bureaucracy

When all is centralized control mechanisms make society slow and sluggish, like the former USSR. Corona tests make travel difficult, in Hong Kong people line up in endless lines for testing. Hospital waiting lists, etc.


When less competent individuals rise due to nepotism, their chance to cling on to the position is to create complex bureaucracy and rules. They control others by creating complex rules and regulations. Like the EU with all rules. EU has no democratic reason for its authority and must therefore suppress the people, like the USSR did.

consumers’ rights

As newspapers have switched sides from helping ordinary people to joining large enterprise, consumers’ rights have deteriorated dramatically. Consumers are often cinsidefed ignorant by newspapers, when in fact they bought inferior products.%


Consumer hot line from abroad.

Large internationals, trust.

See blame the victim.

Soviet style waiting in line, USSR queues

lifestyle; city/rural

Media in general give less positive coverage to people pursuing a stable life style, like people living in rural areas.



News media reports not being questioned resembles religious beliefs. People like Musk or Thunberg are treated like saints. Thunberg is given an ascetic, madonna like image. Logical reasoning is suppressed. The more you believe in climate change and Corona severity, the better your social situation will become.

Many people will not use logic but instead just follow what religious and other authorities say in order to form networks and have advantages at the expense of people who prioritize science.

News media spread guilt, f.ex flying shame and spreading Corona virus. This corresponds to sin in religious beliefs.


Pope Francis washing the feet of migrants.

Catholicism seems to be one of the few organizations able to withstand globalization a little. Gay and abortion are sin. Might refuse communion to Biden. Church seems heavily infiltrated. Pope is switched for extremely liberal Francis. Clinton Soros involved. Catholic spring.

Pope Francis seemingly praying to the indian goddess Pachamama.

Other Christians left.

control is strong, widely spread and deep; infiltration, the long march

Courts: Assange, plastic bag

Police: Kamphuis, Assange

Science: only climate change positive research is given attention

Psychiatry: Asperger/Autism spectrum disorder:: Greta, Assange; Norell not criticized

Air crash investigations: Metrojet

Antidoping: Russia, Coleman/Bahta

Nobel Prize: politically correct awards

Objective investigations exist no more. F.ex air crash investigations.

11.000 “climate scientists” claim a crisis is urgent. But 10 year prognoses have failed since the seventies and no one is acting. Greta Thunberg stopped striking from school and is back studying.

Corona/Covid proves the existence and strength of the network. All the world reacts the same with extensive regulations.

All information presented is pro network.


The long march through the institutions, Communist student activist Rudi Dutschke, around 1967

Never forget, the press is the enemy, the press is the enemy. The establishment is the enemy, the professors are the enemy, the professors are the enemy. Write that on a blackboard 100 times.”

US President Richard Nixon

Look around you! Why is that man in the shopping center seemingly making a scene together with an immigrant lady. How willingly doesn’t he let her disrespect him. Why is the other man yelling strangely at how an immigrant lady is parking? Are these acts to spread division in society?

You will meet many people in your life you suspect are creating scenes to influence you. Why are officials in banks, hospitals, airlines and similar institutions often matched so an older white man often will encounter younger girls that try to create friction?

Control often seems to be exerted by those who studied arts. Those who studied science or have successful businesses are often controlled by others, without specialized knowledge. Other strong bastillions of the agenda are naturally large corporations, newspapers, PR-agencies.


A person outside the networks can expect almost anyone in his/her surrounding to be part of the networks and try to probe for infomation och to manipulate.

If you pay attention you will see that good workers with good intentions and independent thinking will encounter an array of problems and situations that are constructed to lead them out of the center of attention. Trying to provoke the target individual into errors is a major tool. Gang stalking, another. Anyone not immediately accepting the general dogma as true will meet many people in life with an agenda to make them think differently and to lead them away from the center of attention of others. These influencers do not hesitate to take on a role where they make fools of themselves and mix it with a message they wish to demote. The CIA will not immediately kill anyone criticizing the global agenda. The agenda is so strong it doesn’t need to. This is clear if you follow it for a while and sometimes becomes completely obvious when the entire world is closed down for an influensa or the EU is giving Europe an energy crisis (autumn 2021) with obvious measures but no one is criticizing the organization. Internet discussions can not hide the truth.

mass communication

TV is a central tool for indoctrination.


mass surveillance; planted scandals

some of these are intentionally planted system criticism that will lead nowhere

Credit card, phone calls/position, Google maps, Chrome surfing history, bookmarks, emails are tapped, sessionizer (Binney, ex NSA, subject of a film)

Snowden – Russia

Kamphuis – disappears

Starlink – spy sats


wwr: 80272772

Jag får riktad reklam som definitivt känner mina “totala tillgångar” i storbanken jag använder. Siffran var exakt avrundad för några månader sedan och efter en del flyttningar till en annan bank kommer det nya beloppet i annonsen. Jag har även sett liknande, längre tillbaka i tiden. Då också med mina totala tillgångar korrekt angivna till avrundat belopp.

Google läste tidigare vår GMail och kanske gör det fortfarande. Varför skulle företaget inte läsa vårt bankutdrag? Google redogör inte för vad deras annonsering baseras på. Jag misstänker att Google Chrome kan ha plockat ut beloppet, men jag är inte säker hur det kunnat ske.

Jag kan inte ägna min tid åt att upprepa detta mot betalda företagstroll som bara säger att “så är det inte”, försöker slå igång personkonflikter eller blanda in min ekonomi i detta.

Ha en bra dag.

(Just den annonseringen har säkert vissa kriterier (ålder, ekonomi etc) för vem den väljer ut så jag vill inte outa mig och ange vilken annons det gäller.)


extensive regulations

“If all EU rulebooks were piled on top of each other, the pile would be as high as Nelson’s Column in London.”


Groups and individuals are treated differently depending on their background, not on their actions. E.g. white men built independent countries and are therefore demoted in a global society. Immigrants are promoted. Mass surveillance will find groups and individuals that have undesired political views and also reveal their actions so as to impede them. By massive networks of regulations, virtually any individual can be stopped from doing anything by stressing the fine print of the regulations, whereas promoted individuals would get away with similar actions.

ref (app Signal)

We are informed about mass surveillance in different, circumvent ways. We can surely assume Starlink are Spysats.



Crypto AG

EncroChat (controlled news about busts of criminal gangs)

Sometimes Israeli corporations are implicated. We are allowed to critizise Israel including f.ex its roll in the middle east, but not Jewish networks in f.ex. Western media.

cp theranos, mossad, mossad election meddling in the us

Bill Binney, Kamphuis

Abu Ghraib, Mamudia, Collateral murder (WMD)

We are being used to exposure of mass surveillance in many ways, like exaggerated security controls at airports or mass scrrening for disease like cervix cancer, prostate cancer, mammary cancer, colon cancer, aortic aneurysm in f.ex. Sweden where it now takes 3 months to see a doctor.

ambiguous clauses

Using mass surveillance and ambiguous laws, any one can be sentenced.%


Cell phones do contribute to connectivity. But all in all interaction in person has diminished when people are more busy with their phones than people around them.%

IT communication can be monitored.

Musk Neuralink

Artificial Intelligence, cloud, Neuralink

AI is given a false image of useless in the media to cover up its role in mass surveillance. ref If it is promoted it is in unrealistic sci fi scenarios like movie series Terminator.

We are surveilled by large groups of humans. Artificial Intelligence does not yet have this capacity. AI and “cloud” are promoted to hide the large number of people involved. (Just realize how many trolls suppress anti-NWO thoughts .


The globalist dictatorship promotes Artificial Intelligence. Most likely to make us used to giving up influence to actors whose rules and motives are not clear (like the dictatorship).%

Putin says that those who control AI will control the world.

Musk/Tesla tries to make cars drive autonomously through AI by collecting data. (Will the cars also learn bad habits like cutting turns or skipping blinkers?) Dojo.

Some years ago “robot journalism” was described.

All the claims above exaggerates the possibilities of AI today and in the near future.

virtual reality, metaverse

full control of the indiditual’s total environment


wwr: 79741508

Giga Berlin i full produktion! Häftig film. Men är det verklighet eller CGI?


wwr: 79744877

Ja coolt. Eller också är en del datoranimerat. Jag hade hoppats andra i tråden kunde hjälpa till att bedöma det. Jag tycker det ser märkligt ut hur “människor” vrider bort ansiktena och hur mjukt och exakt allt går (även om det är klippt). Jag tycker bara känslan är CGI.

Vad gäller SpaceX “GoPro-kameror” i noskonen ser en del bilder märkliga ut, liknar inte bilder av satelliterna på marken. Märkliga klipp i SpaceX videos. SpaceX HQ ligger bara “gatan ned” från Hollywood …

Men jag är inte säker. Det är relevant för tråden om videon kan vara “datorförbättrad”. Det påverkar bedömningen av TSLA som företag, och i synnerhet Giga Berlin.

Påminner om detta (animerat) (Lådorna går till Odessa, Ukraina. 😮 Filmen gjordes 2005 )


wwr: 79748846

Jag tror också det. Så exakt kan man inte flyga en drönare, t.ex. De som kommenterar videon “berömmer piloten”. Tesla är ju företaget “utan reklambudget”. Dessa videos bara uppstår gratis och Tesla-trollen jublar. Företaget behöver inte ta ansvar för videon. Ingen pressar Elon på om videon verkligen är äkta. Trollen utgår från att videon är äkta och inte “an artists impression of …”

Det är naturligtvis en avancerad indoktrinering som Tesla utsätter oss för. Elon skriver inte sina tweets på “porslinstronen” som han påstår. Elon röker på och artiklar skrivs där han hävdar att vi alla kanske lever i en simulering. Det fungerar som en slags global gaslighting. Man undrar vad som är är äkta med Tesla. Man får nästan nypa sig i armen för att veta att man inte drömmer, när man ser en bil med ett T på gatan. – Existerar de verkligen.

Metaverse nästa. Den totala kontrollen av medborgarna och deras interaktioner i en värld 100% byggd för regimens syften. Matrix, Avatar …


Virtual Reality

A deceptive world of virtual reality replaces the real world, in the media.


‘Virtual reality is genuine reality’ so embrace it, says US philosopher

In his book Reality+ David Chalmers says the material world may lose its allure as VR technology advances


wwr: 78645166

Starship står på backen eftersom det visst stör fågelsången (ny miljöprövning). Vem vet, kanske programmet återupptas när ungarna är kläckta. (Rätt att skydda fåglar men bedrövlig planering.)

Månlandning kommer att bli kraftigt fördröjd om alls genomförd inom överskådlig tid.

Media förefaller fortsätta trenden att skildra en egen värld som ett substitut för den verkliga. Facebook Metaverse osv. Det finns även exempel på Virtual Reality i artikeln. Vi kommer att få uppleva virtuell månlandning.

Det har skett månpromenad! (på Hawaii)

The Selene V crew hit the moonwalk jackpot — Commander’s report: lunar day 10




Culture is strongly controlled by the networks. Culture (like psychiatry) defines the goals and values of society and is central to regime brainwash.

Immigrants from Latin America in the 70:s were often from the political left since it was allegedly persecuted by the juntas (which somehow just diappeared from the scene after their period in absolute power). Ex: Tranemo kulturchef.


Any aspect is affected. The litereary style of Hemmingway is sometimes called “hard-boiled”, since shorter sentences and ommittance of detail will make it more difficult for lies, deception and ambiguities to enter. Ambiguities are essential in how NWO is removing democratic control. The same situation must be possible to be interpreted differently depending on the situation, like for example the concept of “democracy”. Putin has power and 77% of the people behind him. Biden has no power (administrations rule) and has 36% approval.

military, firearms

Military is almost always supported by the media. Miliitary can build conflict and cold war which are a foundation for locking down the world, stopping people from building bridges and taking back control from the networks.


Medias attitude to firearms is gerally liberal since it contributes to shootings and destabilization of society. Attitude to shootings in black ghettos is liberal. It is as expected not as liberal towards NRA. Attitude is decided by political matters.

courts, police

Courts and police are heavily influenced by the networks and decide according to the agenda. News media will treat police according to the current situation. When police allegedly kill black people like Floyd-case media will go against police in order to create conflict in socidety. When a police officer drive under heavy influence of drugs (Blekinge canine squad) and (“fortunately” only) kills himself, media will support police since media support drug abuse. When police officers drive recklessly and kill themselves and the person they are set to protect (anti muslim artist Vilks) media will also protect the police since reckless driving destabilizes society and is promoted by news media.

Courts Assange continuously harassed

Police Kamphuis case never thoroughly investigated

Skripal (OPCW never even examined the Skripals)


Swedish courts allow Paludan to make tour burning Qurans. An obvious infraction of the law against “incitement against groups of people” Hets mot follkgrupp, in order to create hatred. (Jewish kippahs would never have been allowed to be burned, correctly not allowed.)

Police reports an explosion at Northvolt factory in order to give factory PR when there was just a little smoke. Police hjelps global enterprise with PR.

Media seem to wish to give an image of police as weak, incompetent to deal with immigrant shootings and violence. Police can not keep streets safe. Better people stay in. Police are dealing with violence by “dialogue” and not with authority and force.


Quality of medicare will go down in order to make people hate their own country, increase conflict and insecurity. More medicare will be run by companies. Less personal contact with patients.


Surgeons are given higer status because they are less oriented around analysis than therapy. Any tendency to analyze problems is counteracted by the system.

More and more resources go to screening. Breast cancer, uterus cervix cancer, prostate cancer, aortic aneurysm, colon cancer. Less and less resources go to making it possible to get treatment in time. We are being trained to be surveyed, not demand help when we need it.


Diagnoses used to eradicate stabilizing behavior. Slim girls get married, critical people oppose abuse and corruption

Slim girls are called anorexia to discredit good looks.

Individuals that Criticize system are diagnosed: USSR: slow schizophrenia, west: asperger (Thunberg, Assange). Autism spectrum disorder.

What diagnosis did Daniel Ellsberg have?

Promoting extrovert behaviour, “release of tensions” and even aggression is a central mechanism to spread chaos. Much from analysis/removal of defense mechanisms to “steam whistle” “release of tensions” theories lead to more aggression and chaos.

Psychoanalysis, Jewish origin also spread (Norell, Quick). Leads to ageession towards parents.

Asperger, anorexia.

Asperger/Autism spectrum disorder resembles Soviet dissident diagnoses. Two of the highest profile system critics right now, Elon Musk, Julian Assange and Greta Thunberg, have all been given the diagnosis.

People with the ability to concentrate and think individual thoughts are counteracted and diagnosed. The traits diagnosed as Asperger are more common in males. Women follow the group. Asperger is diagnosed too often. When Greta reduced her political activities, both her anorexia and Asperger disappeared.

To further blame the individual, the diaglosis is considered to have a biological origin. Sometimes, being precise and demanding is a way to deal with undemocratic chaos. In the same way LGBT+ is considered biological in order to make the conditions less susceptible to criticism about being fabricated.

Anorexia is diagnosed in women to make women’s ideals more similar to men’s. Women should not look slim and beautiful, then they are sick. Women should not be appreciated for beauty.

Asperger is diagnosed to discredit males with good thinking and planning ability in order to break society.

Both diagnoses can be given to a wide range of people, most of which could be considered normal.

Greta Thunberg was given borth diagnoses but when the peak of her climate activist carreer was over she suddenly started behaving like any other kid and had a normal body weight. Some Asperger diagnoses are probably made for political reasons.

Paranoia stressed to smear tin foil hats

Talented kids that are good in school are not taken care of but can be diagnosed as Asperger and even be treated w/ amphetamine.

Criticism against amphetamine and related forma of treatment is controlled and vocalized by organizations giving themselves an odd and unappealing image. The Swedish psychiatrist leading in prescribing amphetamine however lost his license due to too extensive prescriptions of addiction inducing drugs.

Scientology is another false flag organization acting erratically and at the same time criticize drug use and journalists.


Sackler, Swedish physicians

physicians promote aggression

Media pressure authorities by taking social problems and somatize them. Lessen responsibility of the individual.

Media promotes somatizing diagnoses like anorexia and ADHD. The same is done with chronic fatigue which can be called encephalomyelitis without objective findings (ME). Same with long standing pain and discomfort.

Asperger (now included in autism spectrum) and autism spectrum disorders are emphasized and used to label individual thinking and demands on order as non healthy. Hysterical character disorder is downplayed. This also connects to promoting women, that have been regarded as more commonly displaying the traits of hysterical character. (fr. Latin hystericus, of the womb)

Those that point out how the system works under a common leadership can be regarded as paranoid. The Internet slang “tin foil hat” is related to this.

Freud associates compulsive disorder with unpleasant experiences in the childhood like feces (“the anal stage”) whereas hysterical disorder is connected to the mouth (“the oral stage”).

any problem of the system is blamed on the individual

dissidents in the USSR were considered having “slow schizofrenia”

dissidents today have Asperger

trolls focus on opponent in dicussion, not topic

if an individual has problems with the system, newspapers and trolls blame the individual “blame the victim”

psychotherapy experiments were made on true biological schizofrenia with poor result, whereas depression would have been more relevant for psychotherapy, all to blame the individual for depression when in fact it is often PTSD or reactive depression

socializing, friendships, conformity

People are encouraged to have many friends. Young people can even be diagnosed as having Asperger syndrome due to having few friends This is done in order to promote conformity.


sfrge: 82518363

Varför skulle du vilja bo på Månen? Hur ser ditt liv ut här på Jorden? Har du inga anhöriga?


wwr: 82518506

Elon vill bo på Mars och han har så många vänner som pengar kan köpa. Folk är olika.


drugs, alcohol, smoking

The networks promote drugs.


Article promoted in Google News feed

Swedish national bureau of health wishes to question [ studentflak ] the need for the prohibition against using drugs. (But around the same time issues a prohibition against students travelling on tows to celebrate their exam, due to Corona.)

ADHD and “experimentally” for related diagnoses

Antidoping, asthma medicines, Björgen

wwr: 78134412

Grattis alla knarkare, ni ligger helt rätt i tiden. Men MSM i ryggen kan flyga till svindlande höjder 😀 😉

Det gäller att skaffa sig inspiration när man måste jobba hemifrån. Med lite syra i kroppen blir spreadsheeten mer levande. 😉 😉 😉

Omicron-hysteri på ingående, trippa hårt!

People ‘microdosing’ on psychedelics to improve wellbeing during pandemic

Addiction expert says findings of survey suggest small doses of drugs being taken to treat health issues


A person refraining from alcohol is given the strangely sounding epithet teetotaler.


Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Obama

Barack Obama smoking in college, later smoked about 8-10/day
diverting people’s interests

To keep people sleeping: Avoid letting people bet interested in how their society is constructed. Try to focus people on immediate satisfaction like food, sex, porn, drugs, video games. If they still get interested in structuring their environment, try to defect them into theoretical areas like quantum mechanics, string theory or at least theoretical models of society, not structuring situations and processes.


Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid, also known as GEB, is a 1979 book by Douglas Hofstadte

paranormal, ET, UFO

Unverified, speculative and paranormal things are promoted in order to question verified facts and relativize norms.


Movies ET, Close encounter



The press usually takes the side of cheaters, like athletes using doping. This naturally destabilizes authority and creates chaos. The chaos makes it easier for the networks to overtake democratically elected authority.


talk vs action

Talking becomes prioritized at the expense of action since decisions are not made openly and based on efficiency but the true motives are to conform to the global dictatorship. Therefore talk and twisted logic must be used to motivate inefficient decisions.

Posts are appointed based on the ability to motivate irrational decisions.

Talk is used to cover up logic and those who prioritize action over talk can be diagnosed as Asperger or suffering from “selective mutism”.


There is extremely much talk about the climate crisis. This has been going on since the 1970’s (but at that time we were claimed to head towards a new ice age through global cooling!). But nothing is done, only goals are set up for a distant future when the earth would have succumbed to disaster long ago.

daily life

cocooning, shopping from home, working from home

Bezos, Amazon, mail order


self scanning: isolation, staff only surveils, cameras record activity, computer surveils shopping pattern

Self scanning: Staff walks around with tablets and survey customers doing the job the staff used to do. Floor is particularly soft for staff feet are sensitive but floor is difficult for customers to push carts on! We are being taught who calls thte shots: The big companies.

upbringing, education, child rearing, career choice; original state of a human

Children of network members are carefully guided towards careers in areas important for controlling society. The author knew one top high-school student who unexpectedly chose to study politics. Network physicians sometimes start briefly in surgical disciplines and then switch to psychiatry or infectious disease.%

Childrens of the networks are probably taught never to learn skills but instead learn how to control other people. They don’t waste the long time needed to perfect technicalities. They just seek power positions through networking.

They probably learn that women are objects to manipulate and be put in leading positions. They accept affirmative action for women since others control the women.

They must learn from early on to use lies and immoral behavior. They must learn never to think for themselves and to judge people by what group they belong to and not who they are and what they do.

They must learn not to produce too well. Any high achiever will be regarded as a threat.

They must learn that good achievements will not make them succeed. Their boss was not appointed for good achievements but was appointed from above for manipulative skills. F.ex the ability to make the organization produce poorly even though it seems it is trying. (Any good achievements are a threat to the system.)

Use aggression to provoke conflict and suppress their own anger.

They must be conditioned to appreciate mobbing and to ostracize individuals, which is not an inborn trait.

The networks often try to elicit emotions to control people. Fear of climate doomsday, emotional attachment to make people import refugees when it would be more efficient to build refugee camps or emotional attachment to family or loved ones to make people divert from investigative pursuits of f.ex politics. The networks often try to elicit anger to assist in blaming the victim. Network operatives seem emotinally detached.


It seems likely that the origiinal state of man is being a good person and the networks must spread constant conflict and hatred in society in order for sufficient conflict to exist in the population soo that unity never ocurrs. Unity would immediately raise democratic demands.


Children are extremely adaptive and can be given almost any values.

The globalist system trains people to conflict. We are encouraged to “assert ourselves” by aggressive conduct.

We are trained to group thinking. Mobbing is not counteracted in a decisive way. Individual thinking can be diagnosed as “Asperger”.

A person is very much a product of positive reinforcement and conditioned reflexes. We are brought up to be aggressive to fellow man and subordinate to group mentality.%

To fit into society you will be taught to solve conflicts with aggression and accept mobbing. These are probably conditioned skills aquired by learning. The system teaches us this.

The author visited Georgia in 2021. People mostly behaved normally towards a foreigner. The EU has not yet taken control of the country and started spreading conflicts. (The author has spent close to all of the last 20 years abroad and racism towards foreigner is very common and most likely a conditioned trait used by globalists for control.)

the spiral of silence, ostracism, outcast

a social group or society might isolate or exclude members due to the members’ opinions. This stipulates that individuals have a fear of isolation. This fear of isolation consequently leads to remaining silent instead of voicing opinions. Media is an important factor that influences both the dominant idea and people’s perception of what the dominant idea is. The assessment of one’s social environment may not always correlate with reality.%


[ the Bradley effect, shy Tory, silent majority ]

cancel culture

Mobbing and making people with other opinions social outcasts is central to the global dictatorship. The dictatorship is trying to rob people of power and must therefore hide and work with methods and rules that can not e discussed openly but only be explained as “coincidences and bad luck” for the attacked individual. As often with mobbing, even the individual ostracized is blamed (“blame the victim”);


Few people are willing to give up the control over their lives to unknown global dictators. Therefore the global dictatorship uses hidden networks to try to control society. Another reason to hide is that globalization often means destroying local initiatives. The rules of hidden control will differ from the official rules, leading to intolerance, conformity, networking, mobbing, ostracizing individuals which follow the official values.


destruction of culture and national symbols

Abolishing regional and national traditions and customs is pronounced. Considering waving the national flag an insult to immigrants. Greta celebrating Midsummer in a way that ridicules the custom. EU cretating an energy crisis to black out Christmas. IKEA using the name “winter tale” for the traditional drink “julmust” “Christmas shandy” (non alcoholic), etc


When media presents cultures they oppose they often presengtthe most extreme situtations in isolation, giving a “funny” effect

När Greta “hyllar” svensk kultur dansr hon “små grodorna” vilken ser amärklig ut när den rycks ur sitt sammanhang

När Greta stöder indianer hälsar hon (halv skrattande) på en indianhövding som uppträder i fjäderskrud fast situationen för övrigt är modern och inte ceremoniell. Indianen ser omodern, otidsenlig och udda ut.

National symbols are attacked

US: Musk made a mess of the crewed space program to the moon. In 2017 Trump ordered moon landing in 2024, but right now (2022) the program seems off its time table.

Russia: Russia’s sports successes have been attacked by likely faked doping accusations, among others by defector Rodchenkov

Sweden: Well organized societies were attacked by mass immigration and feminism

Dispirited Australia: after losing the trust of the nation, can the Qantas brand bounce back?

other actors; United Nations, WEF, church, monarchy, royalties

United Nations, WEF, church, monarchy, royalties


United Nations (UN)

Socialist, strongly globalist, controlled by US

%%%%% United Nations

World Economic Forum (WEF)

Strongly globalist. Often promotes fake globalist ideas to defocus from true problems like control of multinational companie. Sometimes talks about AI and UN, less important factors.

%%%%% World Economic Forum

%%%%% WEF


Pope Francis seemingly praying to the indian goddess Pachamama.

Catholicism supports family and stability. Globalistsnspend muchneffort to infiltrate Catholicism. Clinton/Soros/Podesta may have been involved in appointing pope Francis.

Protestant work with Judaism, pro global.

Pope Francis washing the feet of migrants.

%%%%% church


“Ett spöke går genom Europa” skrev Marx 1848 och avsåg den internationella kommunismens framfart. Han avslutade “Det Kommunistiska Partiets manifest” med “Proletärer i alla länder förenen eder.” På den tiden handlade det om en “europeisk vår” med protester mot kungadömen i Europa.

Prince Charles facing disaster with Commonwealth nation over ‘unprecedented instability’ —
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could ‘stop being royal’ after Queen’s 12 month review —


Thai king sweeps prison floors alongside consort –


Japan’s former princess Mako begins new life as ‘commoner’ in New York

arrived in the United States with her husband, Kei Komuro, swapping ancient imperial rites for the bright lights of New York after leaving the royal family and relinquishing her royal title.

The pair tied the knot in Tokyo last month in muted fashion, following years of public attention over a minor financial scandal involving Kei Komuro’s mother, which Mako Komuro said caused her “sadness and pain”.


(Swedish prince named Julian)

Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre’s legal deal with Jeffrey Epstein released – Unsealing stems from Giuffre’s sexual abuse lawsuit against duke, filed in Manhattan federal court in August –

The price that Prince Andrew will pay for settling the Virginia Giuffre civil lawsuit will go far beyond the reported millions it has cost him financially.

As he celebrates his 62nd birthday on Saturday, the duke will undoubtedly contemplate what a future without the red carpet and royal trappings he has enjoyed since birth will actually look like.

“He has been de-royaled. He has now got to live a private life, and any suggestion he could return to public life is delusional,” said Robert Lacey, a royal historian.


Denmark’s Queen Margrethe

Drottning Margrethe


wwr: 81822527

Jag har uppfattat henne som liberal. Jag är inte säker på att Danmnarks “öppenhet” om invandringen är ett tecken på generell “högerinställning”. Hon har haft fnurra på tråden med Trump vid olika tillfällen.

Nu har hon i alla fall dragit in de kungliga titlarna för fyra barnbarn. Sannolikt på sikt för att avveckla kungahuset. Men hur mycket har hon att säga till om, vid 82. Hon är även deras överbefälhavare.


%%%%% monarchy

%%%%% royalties




censorship, freedom of speech


Ukraine Myrotvorets, country supported by EU.



Abolishon of human rights in Hong Kong, 2018

Hong Kong


elections, voting system

After losing an election, globalists often blame the voting system. By summing the total number of votes they can sometimes claim this is “the people’s vote” which was not expressed in the result. This is because such a (“proportional”) voting system dissociates candidates from their constituency. On the contrary, in a system like the British, the voters know their candidates better even though the total count may not be completely reflected in the number of parliamentary seats.

In Sweden we now have 8 parties in the parliament. All have the same agenda. At election we just pick a list from one of them, maybe based on irrelevant personal characteristics of their leaders or what they used to be 20-30 years ago if we were around then.

These politicians are already controlled through corruption by f.ex lucrative jobs after their career. On this corrupt system another even more corrupt layer is added – the European Union. EU MEP:s even have board posts att the same time as they “represent” their country! In fact they represent big enterprise and the networks. The president was chosen at a closed minister meeting and “approved” at an anonymous vote in parliament! EU spending can not be followed. Decisions are made so far from the people that they can not influence them at all.

Successful countries like UK and US have fewer parties. In Sweden the politicians don’t have to present clear alternatives for government and we get weak minority governments.

chaos (2), rumors; uncertain or contradictory information; relativism

Vague and incomplete news gives room for media to choose different interpretations depending on context. Readers will make different interpretations and will be split in groups.

By presenting vague and incomplete news, news media leave space for interpretation that can differ depending on circumstances.%

Unclear and incomplete information is also used to create interest, mysteries and create internet discussions.

People are told there is a climate crisis but they are not told what to do to relieve it. People are told there is a Corona crisis, but they get no instructions how to act when having certian symptoms, meeting people who tests positive, when to test, when to see medicare etc.

Climate theorists produce some essays for warm winters and others for cold. When any weather fits the theory it is not science.

This creates division and panic (making people receptive) in the population. Authorities can continue to claim crisis (amassing taxes, causing division) without taking any action.

vague, sparse, erroneous or contradictory information can be used:

1. To create interest and discussions

Estonia disaster ferry captain not dead?

Greta 1. goes back on apocalypse 2. Goes back on being an expert (1. Expressen 2. cnn panel)

2. To create conflict (trolls). Divide the readers into opposing groups

3. To allow for different interpretations depending on context

Greta says “Our house is on fire” and “the carbon dioxide budget runs out in 6 years” to motivate EU budget increase.

But this statement can also be interpreted as only “tipping points” are being passed when climate action and legislation are asked for. (EU 2020 climate law is completely without effect and sets target at 2050. Soon after, the climate is forgotten and CO2 is increased through Corona recovery packages.)

4. Trolls use vagueness and abstraction to fend off criticism. Government economic policy has failed and someone complains about an extreme rise in the price of a product. This concrete criticism is high priority for the trolls to attack. They often “defend” the situation by saying “this often happens” (!), many has criticized this before, many other items have become expensive. This is not worth anything in the argument but makes the criticism disappear in a vague haze of complaints. The ECT courts allow oil companies to sue governments for actions of environmental improvement. This is defended by the trolls by saying “there are also other similar courts” and going into the theoretical criticism of the laws involved. They try to avoid the connection how ordinary people must pay compensation to oil companies for environmental improvement.

Chaos in itself is also a means of control. Newspapers relativize many values and reserve the right to interpret what is right, which also can vary depending on the circumstances.

When chaos has the upper hand, logic must stand back. When logical reasoning is laughed off, no serious demands of democratic influence can be raised. NWO means handing control to secret networks. In order to do this logical reasoning must be suppressed.

People do not know how to act and will be cast into conflicts. The governments do not issue recommendations regarding the climate issue. Some people consider it worth using train instead of cars and may blame others for not doing so. There are no clear recommendations about Corona, regarding how to act with different symptoms, after exposure to people tested positive, when to test, work from home, consult physician etc

There must be individual freedom in society. But when the authorities declare a ceisis, like climate or Corona, they must also follow up with recommendations. One reason they do not do this is to put people in conflict.

gradually leaking facts or reporting about an undecided event

By gradually leaking data, sometimes starting with false data, media can manipulate the discussion and artificially create interest by building a “mystery”.


Sometimes a person in the news has not decided and media try to create a cliffhanger. Will Duplantis compete in Finnkampen? (2021) Will Greta Thunberg show up in Turin? Where is she? (July 2022)

families in power?

I Assangefallet framkom att WikiLeaks ligger på en server som administreras av Piratpartiet i Sverige. Men den ledande Piratpartisten OS (givetvis gay) hade grundat Bahnhof internetleverantör, hans farfars far hade varit statsminister i Sverige! Bakåt i släkten fanns även en Linnélärjunge! Han har en pyssling som skriver i DN och SvD, en annan har varit programdirektör på TV4 och utsågs av Lena Adelsohn till ordförande för någon framtidsutredning.

Ingen på Internet vet om Margaretha af Ugglas och Magnus Uggla är släkt. Intressant.

Uggla judisk släkt, liksom Ulf Adelsohn.

Det är ju belagt att Greta Thunberg är släkt med Carl Peter Thunberg och det döljs av alla inblandade. Man plockade fram Arrhenius pga hans forskning.

Märkligt att “den samhällsomstörtande piratpartisten” OS låter det stå på sin Wikisida att han är släkt med tidigare statsministern. Kanske oundvikligt att skriva det eller fåfänga? Enligt min uppfattning kan det ha varit fåfänga som avslöjade Gretas bluff med resursskolor när Anita von Berens ville berätta att hon minsann undervisat Greta. Det lär ha skett i Franska Skolan gissar jag.

De gamla släkterna är säkert en nyckel i var makten ligger i världen. Det är tydligen också förbjudet att diskutera på Flashback. Gretadiskussionen suddades. Ett starkt indicium på deras vikt.

Det är säkert därför regimen slår sönder familjer med feminism och annat medan deras egna familjer är starka. Boris Johnson har bl.a gammal judisk släkt från Ryssland. Han är släkt med von der Leyen som har baltisk släkt liksom en del andra viktiga spelare. (Relationen är avlägsen, 1400-talet, men att den går att bekräfta visar att släkterna är viktiga) Musks räddare Jurvetson kommer från Baltikum.

Musks avslöjar mycket lite om sin bakgrund. “Hans far ägde en smaragdgruva.” Assange har liksom Greta skådespelare i släkten, men det skrivs förvånansvärt lite om hans bakgrund. Namnet verkar komma från styvfar som var kinesisk immigrant och kallades a-shang (kanske kan tolkas som dear-Sir eller liknande). Buffet, Gates och Bezos startade inte tomhänta.

De ryska oligarkerna som “uppstod” på 90-talet kan mycket väl ha varit samma släkter som styrde Sovjetunionen genom politbyrån. Putin och oligarken A Rotenberg tränade judo tillsammans när de var 12 år gamla. etc etc

hazy background

Many media story protagonists have a vague background. Their personality has probably been constructed to fit a certain role and the pieces that don’t fit must be withheld. Sometimes actors show up in the families (Greta Thunberg, Julian Assange) or they belong to influential families through multiple generations (Greta Thunberg). None of these give details about their past Musk (family), Assange family, upbringing() and Thunberg (schooling).


Thunberg is vague over school years (did not go to Asperger class or spend time in the simple suburbian school?). Thunberg goes back over Arrhenius and maybe even to C P v Thunberg, Linné’s disciple.

stories, fairy tales

[ Assange, Kamphuis, Catalán-Sharp, Hagen, Skripal, Kim Jong-nam, Nemtsov, Babchenko, Mindanao, Tham Luang, Iran, IA 655, Warmbier, Chem. weapons Syria, Epstein, Bjärred, Zapstista, Enchrochat, Estonia … ]

Please see link.%

stories, fairy tales

Greta, Musk – global values

If the Catalán story had been true she would have been one of the grestest Swedish heros ever. She was a young woman, former Green top politician, animal activist, good looking, lost her life under dramatic circumstances in the darkest of Africa, was even beheaded, doing good, fighting evil men, using James Bond like methods like a pen with a hidden recording apparatus, producing solid evidence against the Congo government …

But we see nothing. No statues, no streets or virtually anything to commemorate her! The story is not true. Is she alive??

display of power, 0

Mattson fired over the day.%

Corona: Locking down the entire world.

stories/downfall, breaking bad or failing (display of power 1)

Turning bad or meeting problems.

[ Assange, Kamphuis, Manning, Catalán, Snowden, Kashoggi, Juholt, Nixon, Trump, Putin, Correa, Patiño, Puigdemont, Catalonia independence, Capitol Riots, Convoy to Ottawa 2022, Zapatista, Sikh temple massacre, Musk, Lukachenko, Samantha Smith, Borg, Eric Frein, Canadian triple killers, Emperor Nero, Ernesto Che Guevara, Bobby Fischer, Ivar Kreuger, Karl XII, forum, Phillips ] %

Catalán, Sharp, coltan, Congo, conflict; Assange, Manning, Bini, Kamphuis, Snowden, Kashoggi

Elon Musk

Borg, Epstein, Assange, Biden harassing women.

Greta Thunberg, COP26, uses swear words, makes no speech during meeting

Assange -2-, Kamphuis, Catalán, Snowden, Juholt – criticize global/US values and face problems. Sometimes it takes years (Assange) before we see how the story unfolds

Puigdemont, Catalán independence

Trump – Assange agenda

British journalist supportng natives disappeared in Brazilian Amazone, Dom Phillips, Snowleopard

This part is put here for context:

Den 65-årige svensken Folke “Banankungen” Andersson mördades den 9 maj 1968 i Guayaquil i södra Ecuador

“Mångmiljonären Folke Andersson har under 17 år i Sydamerikas näst minsta stat gjort sitt namn vida känt. I Equador kallas han alltmänt för kungen. I övriga Sydamerika för Equadorkungen.”

“I hamnstaden Esmeraldas i Equadors smaragdprovins med samma namn ligger en fotbollsstadion. Det skänkte Andersson till provinsens fotbollsförbund i samband med fotbolls-VM i Sverige 1958. Anläggningen döptes till Folke Andersson. I Esmeraldas har svensken eget rederi med ett 25-tal anställda.”

Grundade Estrella

… Kan jämföras med mordet på Olof Wessberg 1975 i Costa Rica. Det misstänks att skogsbolag kan ha legat bakom. Han ville skapa ett naturreservat. Nu finns ett reservat uppkallat efter honom och ett efter hans fru tror jag.

[loggers Costa Rica murder skogsbolag Costa Rica natural reserve Costa Rica naturskyddsområde Costa Rica]

Efter mordet fortsatte hans änka hans verk i Costa Rica. Officerskåren på P 4 skickade henne ett mindre underhåll. Hon förblev en av Costa Ricas ledande miljökämpar och vid sin död 1994 fick hon en nationalpark, “The Karin Mogenson National Reserve” på Nicoya-halvön, uppkallad efter sig. wiki

Trump, not finishing his presidency in a good way by not acknowledging Bidens victory when it was obvious and not distancing him from the ‘Capitol riots’

After years of pragmaticism Putin invaded Ukraine, all fake

Correa, Patino did good job and met problems

George Bush + Putin

Che Guevara, sent to Africa by Fidel, killed in a cell in Bolivia. There is a museum about him on Cuba. The museum is not very welcoming and a chocolate factory is named after him.

Emperor Nero, suicide


Kimbal Musk: girl from Epstein


In the summers we often read about the desperado escaping the police in the woods. Frein, Canadian triple killers, 2020: Schwarzwald. Later we often learn about their nazi couplings or similar.

The movie The Matrix can be interpreted as globalists exploiting mankind. 20 years after its premiere, both directors have had sex change and now claim the movie is about transsexuals.

See also agenda against older white men (“Sven”, Tucker Carlson)

System critics are often given an image

of having mental problems. Ellsberg/psychiatrist break in, Assange/long isolation, Greta Thunberg/diagnoses

Assange met trouble after having (normal) sexual relations with two girls. It seems globalist actors sometimes try to use sexual situations to act against their opposition. They also seem to warn their opposition of this. The whole Assange case is a display of this.

Anders Borg, making a fool of himself at Husarö party.

Lukachenko, replaced by women and LGBT demonstrations.

Emperor Nero, popular with the people, impopular with the aristocracy, bad media coverage after his death.

Martin Luther King Jr

Ernest Hemingway

Samantha Smith

Samantha Reed Smith (June 29, 1972 – August 25, 1985) was an American schoolgirl, peace activist, and child actress from Manchester, Maine, who became famous during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. In 1982, Smith wrote a letter to the newly appointed General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Yuri Andropov, and received a personal reply with a personal invitation to visit the Soviet Union, which she accepted

On August 25, 1985, Smith and her father were returning home aboard Bar Harbor Airlines Flight 1808 after filming a segment for Lime Street. While attempting to land at Lewiston-Auburn Regional Airport in Auburn, Maine, the Beechcraft 99 commuter plane struck some trees 4,007 feet (1,221 m) short of the runway and crashed, killing all six passengers and two crew on board.[35] Much speculation regarding the cause of the accident circulated afterwards. Accusations of foul play circulated widely in the Soviet Union.[36][37] An investigation was undertaken in the United States and the official report — which did not show evidence of foul play — was made public.

Capitol Riots

Freedom Convoy, Ottawa, Canada, truckers, anti vaxx, anti vaccination

In a community forum a popular former chairman left the forum after allegedly leaking sexual information regarding a competing forums chairman’s daughter. The competing forum was privately run with no democracy. The forum trolls all said that forum worked better.

Will Musk go this way?

The question above was asked before Musk went into even worse Twitter frenzy and even promoted CumRocket, a cryptocurrency selling porn NFT.

Musk seems to break bad too.

World War 2

WW2 fits the global agenda

1. Hitler agenda fits “breaking bad” like Trump, Puigdemont, Assange …

2. Jewish oppression

How much of war history was exaggerated and misrepresented?


[Catalan Sharp /mining, Kamphuis /CIA, Olof Wessberg /logging, Phillips Pereira /logging]


[Assange /US military]


minor discomfort (display of power 2)

A further way to display power is to afflict subordinates to minor discomfort, like fluid regulations for air travel and wearing face masks long after Corona has stopped being a threat. (Cp breaking bad)

Minor sources of discomfort to remind us of the agenda: 100ml packs in 1 liter bag/airport, face masks/Corona.

kill the chicken to scare the monkey

杀 鸡 儆 猴

kill the chicken to scare the monkey




dom phillips


Samantha Smith


choice of medium

The choice of medium is important for interpreting the information. Video like YouTube makes it difficult to quote and discuss details. Therefore less serious and less verified information is sometimes presented via video.

A discussion can also be made confusing by introducing pods and videoblogs when people give various times to listen and compare. The people discussing must make transcripts of what was said instead of just quoting from a webpage.

It often leads to vague opinions of what was said and facts go into the background.


Some newspapers are intentionally given a less serious image, like Daily Mail. So when the international news network must present information it dislikes, the information is often presented in media like DM, to try to make people doubt it.

What is said in a TED-talk will be the global agenda.


Tesla is a showcase for fake green varnish on fossil economy


Musks Berlinfabrik hade invigning i oktober. Den har fortfarande inte börjat sälja bilar. Det påstås produceras bilar för att “testa maskinerna”. Musks självkörande bilar och Starlink har helt floppat. CyberTrucken verkar gå samma väg. (Jfr solenergitaken, Semin, Eoadstern) Teslas värde är uppblåst av storfinansen. Det finns ingen motsvarighet i produktion. Media förknippar Tesla med “batteriforskning” men Tesla köper sina batterier från LG och Panasonic. Tesla använder eget kontrollerade media som Teslarati och forum som Reddit som kontrolleras av samma intressen, som informationskanaler. Northvolt verkar använda Breakit.

Northvolt har öppnat, 500 arbetare anställda. men nu sker “installation, utbildning och uppskalning”. Än så länge finns bara tomt prat och inga leveranser. Nu kommer det att ta 3-4 år innan fabriken börjar producera!

Än så länge inga tecken på fungerande verksamhet. Mycket möjligt kommer man snart att muta myndigheter och fackföreningar som ställer till problem för fabriken, t.ex. genom miljörestriktioner. Sedan skyller man förseningar på myndigheterna. Det ser ut som om man kastar våra pensionspengar i sjön.

Stora tidningar måste in och ta reda på vart företagets leveranser går och hur batterierna används. Säljs det något över huvud taget?


wwr: 78750918

Att sälja innefattar att man producerar och levererar. I alla fall på det sätt jag använder ordet.

Vad företaget skulle kunna om det försökte är ointressant och okänt. Med de enorma belopp de tagit av oss skulle de säkert kunna anställa kunnigt folk. Men just nu verkar det inte finnas avsättning för deras produkter. Northvolt förefaller vara ett grönt skyltfönster/showcase för att försöka inbilla oss att en grön omställning är på väg när i själva verket ingenting görs utan fossil användning fortsätter. Detta görs för att upprätta en grön diktatur i Europa där man kommer att reglera sönder länderna med miljöbestämmelser och ta in mer pengar för luddiga “gröna” ändamål. Pengar som spenderas utan redovisning. Man kontrollerar medlemsländerna genom utländska investeringar. Se hur svaga och fogliga EU kan hålla medlemsländerna genom en konstruerad energikris.

local copy cat

National authorities and newspapers often copy international events.%

Just after US, UK protests (Black Lives Matter) against police violence, a man dies “under strange circumstances” related to a police activity in Sweden.

February 2021, Belsrusians are seeking refuge in the Swedish embassy in Minsk, like Assange did.

Another way of getting a local spin was used in the “Capitol riots” Dec 2020. One man wore a scarf from a city in Sweden. Local newspapers traced all names a list of 900 people to find the owner. All in vain. The scarf came from a place not far from where the Swedish photographer had worked.

Iranian high official is claimed to have been lured to Sweden to meet women and is incarcerated for old alleged infractions of human rights.

During alleged possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, autumn 2021, an Ukrainian “hit squad” arriving in Sweden is reported.

Northvolt is a local copy cat of Tesla (Giga Berlin)

the image says it all

The illustrations often says more about the intentions of a newspaper article than the text.%

Article may be pro remain, but the campaigners are few and not making the reader sympathize with them.

The text of the article may be pro remain, but the campaigners in the photo are few and somewhat strange looking. [ ]

Trump, starting out presidency well. But after Bidens win, refuses to acknowledge it. Pelosi wants to put Trump on trial for instigating riots in Capitol, jan 2021.

actors, appearances; theatre

Many or most of the personalities we meet in media are actors playing a role. For example British TV host Jeremy Clarkson plays an aggressive character. He hits a coworker, he provokes Argentinians over the war. He is then instructed to attack Greta Thunberg to make it seem she is hated by bad people, in order to raise sympathy for her. Her diagnoses fill the same purpose. Clarkson’s show is also about cars, mostly combustion engine driven, which makes it seem people who drive such cars are aggressive and do not support environmental protection. He also intentionally makes a fool of himself by calling cars “our virus-proof cocoon” during the Covid pandemic, in order to make people who consider the media reporting on Covid exaggerated, seem like extremists.

Boris Johnson and Trump run good policies for their countries but have a little special image with hairdo and overweight to make coverage negative so that other countries do not follow their independent policies. Actors opposing them are often slimmer and more strict, like Robert Mueller. Von der Leyen is slim. Musk good looking. Pelosi slim and look young for her age. Puigdemont, Johnson, Trump have strange hairdos. Orbán is corpulent, like Zarif and Rouhani. (Rouhani often pointing with one finger, like the corpulent NMR-leaders.)

The only obvious exception to the rule that comes to mind is Timmermans.

Media information over emphasizes looks and photos. The messages hidden in a photo is a way of conveying a message that would not be allowed to express in words. Like, Assange is no good since his supporters look shady

Assange had not shaved and looked worn down when he was carried out of the embassy. His role was to show us that an acclaimed journalist, revealing US war crimes, in fact was a simple sex criminal that was lucky not to be sentenced for the rape cases in Sweden.

Former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, at Trump election loss 2020. Gesturing with one finger, like some ayatollahs or NMR (Swedish false flag nazi) leaders.

Both Greta Thunberg and Julian Assange criticize the system and are therefore diagnosed as having neuropsychiatric brain damage through Asperger’s syndrome. Both of them come from artist families. Thunberg’s father is an actor, mother artist, grandfather voice artist. Assange spent many years of his childhood traveling with a theater company founded by his step father (from whom he took his name) and his mother.

Julian Assange dyed hair.

Actor connections:

Greta Thunberg, Julian Assange, Christer Pettersson, Tony Olsson, Zelensky

Martin Luther King paid the hospital bill for the birth of JUlia Roberts since his kids attended her mother’s theatre school.

body shape; Summary 04 (020)
attack older white men; Summary 04 (020)
news coordinated; Summary 04 (040)
appearances; Summary 04 (050)
archetypes; Summary 04 (060)
Greta Thunberg, slim
diet food, body-shape

Slim, globalist
Obama, Biden, John Bolton, John Kerry, von der Leyen, Robert Mueller, Pelosi, Trudeau, Greta Thunberg, Sassoli, Lagarde, Wolodarski
exceptions: Mutti, Timmermans, Sunak

Overweight, national agenda (Trump connection)
Trump, Johnson, Lukachenko, Orbán, Giuliani, Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz, Bolsonaro, Juholt, Barr (Pompeo), Steve Bannon, Jan 6 rioters, Sven-Olle Olsson, (Franz Josef Strauss) Putin (older, when Russia invaded Ukraine), Bulg.pres. Radev (pm Petkov slim), Mogens Glistrup, Jean-Marie le Pen, Russian cosmonauts
exceptions: Kasselstrand

As long as Putin ran Russia well (though naitonalist) he was slim. But as he made the attack on Ukraine he had gained weight considerably.

Overweight nazi agenda
the latest two NMR-leaders

Overweight “axis of evil”
Rouhani, Zarif, Kim Jong-un, “al-Baghdadi”, George Tuka (Ukrainian minister for Russian territories, cp. Vlodomyr Zelensky)
exception: bin Laden (Putin, Lavrov imagined as “sly”)

Overweight union leaders
Leif Blomberg, Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson (opposes Greta by saying he loves mines)

Overweight “bad boy”

Strange hairdo
Trump, Johnson, Puigdemont, Geert Wilders (Carl I. Hagen)

Blonde dyeing
Trump, Assange, Giuliani (not blonde)

Blonde, connected to Saudi Arabian golf
Greg Norman

Good looking, globalist
Musk, Trudeau, Zelensky, Yuschchenko (“poisoned”), Thierry Baudet (fake nationalist)

Pointing finger
Rouhani, Giuliani, NMR-leaders, islamists

Unshaven and messy
Assange leaving the embassy (“whistleblower is really a sex criminal that got away”)

Short stature
Putin, Zelensky

Swedish party leaders
all globalist

wwr: 80177694

HipToBeSquare: 80177551

Är det någon som förstår varför Boris Johnson medvetet går omkring offentligt med exakt samma frisyr som en av huvudrollerna i filmen dumb & dumber?


Man måste vara lite tjock och helst ha blond pundig frisyr om man spelar i det laget som ordnar Brexit eller bygger murar mot flyktingar. De som producerar dramat kräver typecasting. En viss amerikansk president körde visst samma.

Rishi Sunak är mörkhyad, smal och elegant. Annars blir det för svårt att hålla isär goda och onda. Det fungerar typ som svart hatt på skurkar i Västernfilmer.


playing both (all) sides

NWO plays both sides. For example, actors employed to present anti-NWO opinions often display negative traits. In our youth culture old people can be regarded as less attractive. Older people presenting anti-NWO ideas are (though probably smart):

Noam Chomsky / criticizes US war

Lars Bern / criticizes the climate theories

Klaus Schwab / exposes NWO in World Economic Forum



political analysts are only propagandists, the system does not act according to logic any more, it is directed from above (like TSLA overrated stock). It is more important to have high connections than to be able to analyse the system. And those with high connections are not allowed to tell the truth. They must take part in the game.



Politicians take the blame for actions planned by the NWO.

A main purpose of politicians is to be scapegoats. Ex: When Corona rescue package is used to break EU rules and set the entire EU in a track to debt, in order to be controlled by banks, “incompetent, overpaid” politicians are blamed. The true corruption of board posts by companies receiving grants is not investigated. And the loss of control of the people/democratic system/politicians is never spoken about.%

Trump, Johnson are criticized in media but do what NWO wants. Swedish PM Löfven gets crushed and tricked at July 2020 EU summit because all must bail out Italy having become the latest victim of the euro currency.

Media and trolls often try to generate envy or hatred towards individuals in order to hide their agenda. The Guardian interviews Gates that gives climate advice but also stresses that he does not make a good example flying business jet to the Paris treaty etc.

Envy is generated towards Musk by stressing (making up) how rich he is in order to hide the globalist agenda behind his actions.

This works the same way as Israel’s alleged atrocities against the Palestinians take fire for criticism of Jewish neteorks.

Green Party is a scapegoat for energy starvation.

Small parties

delay tactics; often to maximize media exposure

Musk mostly talking about what will be done, not what has been achieved. 1000 Starlink satellites launched gradually shrinking ambitions but keep launching satellites. From start it would be a world revolution in Internet service, but gradually shrinking to virtually nothing.

First Corona vaccines are delayed. When they finally come vaccination certificates are not ready for distribution.


Musk, Northvolt, Afghanistan, Ukraine

progressive talk but no action

Newspapers relate progressive ideas that will never be carried out. It gives a false image of politicians being more radical than they are. Often US Democratic policy is designed to make Europeans imitate but is stopped in the Senate like climate policies.


Tubman 20 dollar bill

describing plans and goals, not reality

Newspapers extend the influence of the progressive agenda very far by writing about plans, goals and other decisions that in fact will not be carried out.


talk and complaints but no action

News media wish to keep the problems as they are since they can keep running their agenda.


complaint desired action
climate crisis collect money and gain influence
Mueller investigation blame strong leaders (Trump)
Criticize Belarus gov’t without evidence or significant, effective demands blame strong leaders (Lukachenko)
EU-court case against UK government efter Brexit blame Johnson (Brexit)
“rule of law” demands on Poland and Hungary, Dec 2020 blame strong leaders (Orbán)
Greta Thunberg’s “diagnoses” she does nothing to improve
1. 2.
1. 2.
1. 2.
the say/do difference

US is not progressive like CNN/Hollywood/Musk. Trump, among others, stops it.


Israel genetic test to marry Jewish, but Swedish Jewish owned media promote multiculturalism.

climate message to destabilize government, is not implemented, only promulgated to create conflict. No efforts to collaborate between f.ex sexes to solve an environmental problem. On the contrary avtivists turn selectively to women and avoid men.

The talk about military spending is a decoy to make us believe countries are opposing each other. Spending is moderate.

opposite effect, “useful idiots”

Tesla is highly promoted but fails. (Fossile fule rules the business but green agenda must be promoted to collect money)

Cryptocurrencies are highly promoted but proves to have too high energy consumption (Anything decentralized is counteracted)

AI is highly promoted but never shows any progress. Tesla FSD fails. (AI is used in mass surveillance and the system wishes to make it seem less intrusive)

Linux is a very good system but many (probably intentional) snags in its implementation makes it seem a little hard to get started. (Linux is an obvious, decentralized threat to Microsoft Windows.)


Demoting something while on the suface seemingly promoting it.

A person can easily be made into a useful idiot by

1. criticizing Teslas failing Full Self Driving and thereby promoting fossile fuel cars.

2. criticizing AI and thereby make mass surveillance seem harmless

3. criticizing present impementations of cryptocurrencies and thereby criticizing a decentralized system

actually the opposite, greenwashing

When reading the newspaper, superficial information is often the opposite of the true meaning of the message or underlying actions. When politicians try to surpass each other in words regarding the integration of immigrants, they actually aim to split society into ethnic conflicts.


This image of Greta Thunberg may seem to wish to integrate Africans. But the man has been sentenced to jail for the possession of automatic weapons. He will therefore give immigrants an intimidating image. He has no connection to Thunberg. He is not an environmentallist and not her boyfriend. But in the image he appears to be her boyfriend.

Immigrants are predominantely male and by getting girlfriends in Sweden reduces the selection of girls for the remaining male population. This may also contribute to a negative attitude towards immigrants.

Greta Thunberg promotes rapper 1.cuz in spite of his jail sentence for handling automatic weapons. The picture will also give some people negative feelings against immigrants since they are predominantly male. A gender imbalance will make it more difficult for some to find a partner.

So called anti racism is actually racism since it gives priority to non whites. Anti discrimination is discrimination since women are given a more positive image in media.

Biden calls to democracy meeting to try to hide the dismantling of democracy.

Liberal politician appears shocked in newspaper over male cleaners in women’s locker room. But infact wants to appear as overreacting.

Military tries to convince us we are free to move under Corona lockdown.

unaware self-destruction

Globalist press and other actors try to implant destructive ideas in our minds.


US exports slacking agenda but US runs straight.

Californian culture, slacking smoking dope. Tesla “environmental”

Plastic tax


[ movie Inception, Lenín: “useful idiot” -2- ]



Simone Biles

Links: destruction, self-destruction, unaware self-destruction:
unaware self-destruction
politicians self-destroy

throw in a torch

“throw in a torch/bomb” – Create conflict by a radical or provocative statement.

F.ex climate activist Greta Thunberg makes a radical statement about abortion (in no way related to the environment). No specific demands are made, only a general message of feminism.

This is made to reste conflict in the population.


fight for a bad alternative

Appointing Biden as a candidate although he is senile, making people demand Harris that was not what people primarily voted for.

Swedish politicians levying an unpopular plastic bag fee of “3 kronor” (sek 3), making people work for the EU plastic tax alternative which is illegal (EU has no right to levy tax). The name of the fee even refers to a symbol for Sweden “3 kronor” = three crowns.



Politics is: Gender, sexual pref., diet, age, race …

Politicians try to split up the population by constructing artificial boundaries. Most groups are considered bad or good. Good is a young, non white vegan girl

Globalism means hiding control and the actual situation, focusing on people and propaganda. The metworks try to make politics out of every field.


Globalism means hiding control and the actual situation, focusing on people and propaganda. Newspapers try to make politics out of every field. Currently (August 2020) Corona, US postmaster general are in focus.

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2018 04 22 Earlier: The Iraq war 2003 was built on fake evidence. / So far, no accusations of chemical warfare have been proven true. / Also the war on IS was built on fake evidence.

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2017 12 12 Earlier: IOK saknar bevis – Internationella Olympiska Kommittén stänger av Ryssland utan bevis

2017 12 09 Earlier: Trump om Jerusalem – den verkliga orsaken till Trumps uttalande funnen

Table of Contents (in English)

Summary 04


Massmedia och demokratin
News media and the democracy]


Summary 04 (060)


20.04 (00000 links) Innehållsförteckning, ToC


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